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huuhkaja teoksesta Lentoratoja

          Flight Paths

TAYS (Tampere University Hospital) clients and their support networks are going through difficult personal life situations. A more hopeful outlook for the future is needed alongside recovery. The work is a metaphor for life and new possibilities. In my work ceramic birds spread out into their surroundings: they explore, knock, observe and take flights. Steel arches depicting flight paths attach to the ground in the clearing, opening out to the sides and rising upwards. Five of the birds are perched on the roofs and walls of surrounding buildings. The birds in the work are species that thrive in the forests, parks and meadows of Pirkanmaa. Among the breeding and relatively abundant species, the following have made it into the collection: eagle owl, skylark, woodcock, blackbird, black woodbecker, three toed woodbecker (endangered), nut cracker, swift (e) and white wagtail. The visitor to the work is a rare but almost annual occurrence in Pirkanmaa, the striking-looking hoopoe. 

The work was selected through a call for entries to the TAYS art programme and was placed in front of the TAYS Adult Psychiatry Department in Tampere at the end of 2023.  
Art piece has been open to the public since 2024.  Address to the site: T- building, Niveltie, 33520 Tampere



Scion consists of five individual plant motifs made of linen paper and steel. Pieces are installed in the main lobby of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences Campus. Students and faculty had an opportynity to influense the selection of plants that were used as a base of the installation. People at SAMK were able to participate an survey, which gave a clear list of favourite plants.


Student often move away from home for the first time at to start of their studies, perhaps to a completely foreign city. The cuttings of the plant may be the only concrete link back home.

The work won the  National Art Competition of SAMK Campus Pori 2016, and was completed in July 2017.

Address to the site:  SAMK Campus, Satakunnankatu 23, 28130 Pori, Finland


Underwater installation consists of two sculptures made of stoneware ceramics, water and surrounding bedrock. Figures are 65 cm / 120 cm high. Original ceramics I made years ago, but the underwater installation was completed 2018. Installation is my own project and it is located in Ruutana pond, Orivesi.

City Animals


An environmental work of art featuring five bronze sculptures and five paved mounds. Work is located in Lampipuisto, Kontula, Helsinki and it was ready 2013.


City animals consist of five bronze cast animal figures with a lot of familiar but at the same time something inexplicable. The characters hang out as a herd in their paved environment. The work describes coexistence and togetherness. Although the characters stand apart from each other, they are in contact through gazes and postures. For example, one of the creatures has distanced itself from the crowd, but it hasn´t gone unnoticed by the others.

Caring of each others is a way to survive in a jungle as well as in the asphalt jungle of Kontula. Lampipuisto is a transit point where school children, families and other residents of the area meet. City animals enliven this resident park, which can be described as Kontula's common living room.


City Animals is commissioned by HAM Helsinki Art Museum.

Address to the site: Lampipuisto, Isännänpolku, Kontula, 00940 Helsinki, Finland

 60°14'27.4"N 25°04'49.1"E

The Wind is Turning Towards the East

Temporary Public Work

The work depicts people drifting in the stream of life - without a pair of oars - without a goal. The direction is determined by the wind, coincidence or fate. The atmosphere is serene. They wait and see what will happen. It may be question about transition, moving, exile, immigration or on the other hand about spritual change.

Part of the original installation that has 18 characters.

Tampere Museum of Contemporary Art ordered this installation for summer 2013.
Work has been supported by City of Tampere and Kraftpoint oy. 

Tuuli kääntyy itään teos Tammer-lammessa

Circle Fools


This work consistis of 6 lampposts and two human size figures casted in bronze. Idea is in the human evolutionary arc: yongsters may climb the tree to see the future, elderes stay still instead of regrets.

Location of the work is Million junction trafic circle, center of Huittinen, Finland.


Work was made together with Matti Kalkamo and it was commissioned by city of Huittinen.

Circle Fools received Environmental Art Foundation's Art Award 2012.

Address to the site: Risto Rytin katu / Lauttakylänkatu traffic circle, 32700 Huittinen, Finland