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Forecast for an Undefined Interval  2019


This artwork is about hopeless wait. Faith in the present is tottering, the future is in the hands of the prophet.The work was built around an old lamp, where the lamp represents hope and future. Veiled figure drawn from iron wire is peeking into the light. Floating mummy face is made of linen paper.

Sculpture in the exhibition in Oulu art museumOulu
sculpture in the exhibition in Rauma Art museum

Detour    2017-2018

In this installation human is seeking protection, rest from hibernation. The bushes are bitten by the wind, barren and sparse. Heavy and prickly fruits are lying on the floor. That heavy fruit is tropical, forbidden Duria. Contradictory it is like life itself to the extreme; beautiful, sweet and desirable, stinky, even hurting seriously with its spikes. The installation is made of steel, banana leaf paper, artificial leather, concrete and ceramics. 

Dry Land  2015

Mice and other rodents are survivors. They have tolerance to extreme conditions, even after humans. Materials: linen paper, wire. 130 cm high.

Dry land paper sculpture


Monstera Deliciosa



The work is installed in a space around the sculpture parts, which resemble a troll leaf and stand on their own air roots. The vines meander on the floor, the human head hangs on the wall. In the chair, a mummified figure rots, from which the leaves of the plants penetrate. The jungle plants that we grow safely in pots in our homes take over the view. The proportions range from giant leaves to tiny details. The shades are dark, withering manifestations of nature. The material of the work is steel and dyed linen.

Monstera deliciosa is the scientific name for the giant leaf. In the work, the word pair also illustrates the close coexistence of its species.

Witches´ Broom


                          Linen paper, chain, wire. 140 cm high.

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