Prayer resembles a hybrid of mantis and a human being. All species of mantises are beasts. They are very effective predators. Mantis are able to wait and stalk a catch for days if necessary. The praying mantis does not necessarily kill its catch, but eats it alive. 
In this work, I would like to highlight man's ability to perform contradictory actions.
One can be cruel but gentle at the same time.
The sculpture is made of artificial leather, linen paper, wood and steel. It is about 2 meters high. 



Border crossing between humans and animals is constantly taking place.  We want to separate humanity and animality, we seek contrasts. This work describes the blurring of that border. The work also tells about borders crossing in the human mind. The line between personality disorder and behavior considered normal is also a slippery one. Most mentally healthy people show ways of experiencing or behaving that are characteristic of different personality disorders, especially in stressful and difficult situations.
The sculpture is made of stoneware ceramics, fabric, wire and wood. It´s size is  110 x 120 x 80 cm.
Borderline is a part of art collection of Tampere Art Museum.

Long Day


The sculpture is made of stoneware and wood. Its size is 100 x 120 x 80 cm.



The sculpture is made of stoneware with fruits as a lure component.

Domus Lux



The installation contains three floating arcs made of metal, linen paper. led lights and recycled glass globes. Originally glass globes were used for candle and oil lanterns. The work refers to lost homes with only chains of memories left. Each arc could also reflected as a community, physical or mental one. Largest part in the middle is 360 cm wide.

Cold Soil



the installation consists of  wandering and collapsed pairs of feet. Puddles under the feet are dark greyish and black. Standing still, stagnant meltwaters. Work is made of bleached linen paper and wire, glass plates processed with metallic paint and spray rubber. Cold Soil is a part of Tampere Art museum´s collection.

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