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Prayer resembles a hybrid of mantis and a human being. All species of mantises are beasts. They are incredibly effective predators. Mantis are able to wait and stalk a catch for days if necessary. The praying mantis does not necessarily kill its catch, but it may eat it alive. 
In this work, I would like to highlight man's ability to perform contradictory actions.
One can be cruel but gentle at the same time.
The sculpture is made of artificial leather, linen paper, wood and steel. It is about 2 meters high. 



Crossings between humans and animals happen all the time.  We want to distinguish between humanity and animality, we look for opposites. This work illustrates the blurring of this boundary. It is also about crossing boundaries in the human mind. The line between personality disorder and what is considered normal behaviour is also slippery. Many mentally healthy people, especially in stressful situations, exhibit a variety of personality disordered ways of experiencing or behaving.


The sculpture is made of stoneware ceramics, fabric, wire and wood. It´s size is  110 x 120 x 80 cm.
Borderline is a part of Art collection of Tampere Art Museum.

Long Day


In this work, a figure who has dried up in a sitting position perseveres on the borderline between life and death. The pursuit of eternal life and immortality is one of humanity's most persistent dreams. The aim is to prolong the life of the biological body, to modify it by questionable means.
Mummification has been used to guarantee eternal life for the deceased. People of power and wealth have been preserved in many cultures for thousands of years. Naturally mummified bodies have also been found all over the world, on glaciers, in swamps and in burial mounds. The saddest examples of modern-day mummies are lonely and isolated people who have been found in their homes, sometimes years later. 
The sculpture is made of stoneware and wood. Its size is 100 x 120 x 80 cm.



Lure is a depiction of lust, the contradictions of life and the dangers lurking in it.
Lure is a simplified description of lust, the contradictions and complexities of life. Even an innocent temptation can turn dangerous. Some temptations are just too good to be true. 
The sculpture is made of stoneware ceramics with fruits..
The sckull is a natural size.

Domus Lux



The installation includes three floating arches made of metal, linen paper, LED lights and recycled glass cubes. The glass lanterns were originally used in candle and oil lanterns. I have collected them from all over Finland, from recycling centres and flea markets. The work refers to lost homes, of which only chains of memories remain. The arch with its bubbles represents a circle of life, a community. The largest part of the installation in the centre is 360 cm wide.