Landscape remains us of something which should not be forgotten. You cannot get rid of plastic even at the bottom of the sea. For people in the Western world recycling is nowadays a nice little communal habit, whereas countless adults and children in the developing countries get their daily income from the garbage dumps. (Kaisa Viljanen, HS)

Figures of installation are in human size and they are made of artificial leather, fabrics, steel and fillings. In this installation the mountains were made of recycled plastics that were borrowed from recycling system of one local hardware store in Helsinki. 

State of Readiness


Man can have a sensitive mind - and a keen sense perception. Impulses coming from the surrounding world can be stimulating but also overpowering. The figures are placid but still alert and watchful. This installation was made of artificial leather, steel, fabric, fillings. Sometimes I have used string nets as a part of the installation.

Plan B


Hermit crab lacks a hard outer shell and therefore needs to salvage an empty seashell to protect itself. In this work there is no shelter. The person is in between, searching, panicking!

Invierno Frio


This installation consists of plantlike vines and bushes made of artificial leather, rusty babies are iron casts .  The background of the work is in the memories of a cold night in mountains of Peru.

Another Frequency


This work is about the stratification of time: temporal events, historical moments among us. Another level in our living space. Figures and furniture are trembling the slightest hint of wind. 

Work is part of the Uppsala Art Museum collection. 

Slow Motion


In the gallery space it was possible to give boost to the sculpture figure. Chains are as long as the hight of the space. Materials are artificial leather, steel, wood, fillings, chain. Figure is 270 cm high.

History Repeating



This installation consists of 3 figures and elements from human history. Grown up woman supports on her back a pile of  furniture and other elements. Mixture of an old man and a child stands by. In the drawer there is a small mummy .

Installation is made of artificial leather and steel. It is 240 cm high.

Work is part of  Collection of  Tampere Contemporary Museum of Art.

The Wind Turns Towards the East


The work depicts people drifting in the stream of life - without a pair of oars - without a goal. The direction is determined by the wind, coincidence or fate. The atmosphere is serene. They wait and see what will happen. It may be question about transition, moving, exile, immigration or on the other hand about spritual change.

Installation consists of  18 individual parts, where largest figures are in human size. Figures are made of artificial leather, boats from plywood.



The figure of an old man comes out of the wall and extends his hand towards the viewer. The hand protects - or maybe it is about to strike? 
The hand of the figure is articulated and the palm of the hand can be placed on top of the viewer´s head. 

This work is part of the Collection of Kuopio Art Museum.